THE FACTS NOW is a campaign in the Sunshine State. We expose Big Tobacco’s lies and give the facts about tobacco, tying into what’s happening now.

For instance, Big Tobacco is making billions worldwide – $62 billion a year to be exact – selling their addictive and deadly products.2 Every day in the U.S., cigarette smoking kills 1,300 people. They die from smoking-related diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke…not easy ways to go.1

But they don’t worry about the customers that die from using their products. They call teens “replacement smokers” and target them to fund their industry.

We’re on a mission to protect both non-smokers and smokers from these masters of deception. We’re not here to tell anyone how to live their life or tell them what to do. We give them the facts and the rest is up to them.

THE FACTS NOW is a division of Tobacco Free Florida that helps current smokers quit. Find out more here.


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2 “Tobacco Companies.” The Tobacco Atlas, www.tobaccoatlas.org/topic/tobacco-companies/.