SOURCE: TRANSCRIPT. APRIL 24, 2000 (200000424). 1:00-2:00 PM. NPR. TALK OF THE NATION. • docs/rkvy0052 • … it was just company policy,” unquote. Sullivan remembers someone asking who exactly the young people were that RL7R was targeting, junior high school kids or even younger, the reply was, quote, “They got lips; we want them,, unquote. pg nbr 16 llA’.S1 IIdEG MONITORING SERVICES OF AMERICA, INC Fagm n I …Document Date : 2000 April 24 • Case : US RESEARCH AND MANUFACTURING DOCUMENT PRODUCTION; WILLARD BROWN 1RFP15; WILLARD BROWN 1RFP22; WILLARDSOURCE: Shaw, Mary, Richard Mitchell, and Danny Dorling. “Time for a Smoke? One Cigarette Reduces Your Life by 11 Minutes.” BMJ : British Medical Journal. British Medical Journal, 2000. Web. 30 June 2016.